23 chromosomes

They make me laugh and cry. Every day they make me so proud my knees feel weak. The more they grow up the more I love them. I feel excited for what life will offer them yet I am terrified in the same breath. My Mother was often heard saying “Child!! I brought you into this world…” and I find myself saying it now; yet I am not sure whether I mean it as a threat or an apology.

It is my pleasure to take this minute to introduce you to the two most important/awesome/smart people in my life who I gladly gave 23 chromosomes each!

~r.c. <3 Ryleigh:  A budding gymnast/dancer/singer/ philanthropist/nurturer. When she tells me she is going to study nursing so we can have jobs together to save gas: because that will save the polar bears my heart soars <3


~L.W. <3   Lucas: He loves books, music, and video games His life’s dream is to become a conservation officer and I believe he will. He is kind and caring to all animals and is the first one to give someone hell for littering. He is truly the best big brother EVER! He takes such excellent care of his little sister and always thinks of her first


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