So this is it…the fat lady has sung…the bloom is off the rose…Elvis has left the building (Not really. He just went home! We all know that!)…It’s closing time here at HappilySomeTimesAfter at WordPress! As I mentioned before I decided to move my blog over to a more secure server. I (meaning Jay) have spent countless hours planning/designing/copy & pasting (listening to me complain that the purple is TOO purple and the words aren’t squiggily enough!) and updating to get the new site ready to launch.

The plan was to have it ready to go before April 1 in order to be ready for me to participate in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge  and GOOD NEWS!!! we are ready to go just in time!! I am both nervous and excited for this challenge to see if I have what it takes to commit to writing a post a day for the entire month of April. The rules are simple: Each day blog about “something” that begins with the letter that corresponds with the day (eg: April 1 = A, April 2 =B and you get the picture…y’all are smart!). I have lots of ideas and posts planned it’s just a matter of pulling them together fast enough on a daily basis to stay on top. (Procrastination is NOT allowed!)  I am excited to see what I can do with this.

Another challenge I have to overcome leaving the safety blanket of WordPress is creating interest on my own to generate readers using social media and SEO and all that jazz. So here is where you come in…I would LOVE it (as in LOVE LOVE LOVE it) if you would hop on over HERE and join me on this crazy adventure. Invite you friends and family and hairdresser and dog-walker and your 63rd cousin thrice removed to come on over too! Comment on the posts. Send me suggestions/ on the back(those are my FAVOURITE!!!)or cookies of you want (I lied: I like cookies the best!). Follow me on Twitter Instagram and Pinterest to see what I am up to over there (I can guarantee LOTS of kitty and cute kids pictures!!). I say all the time that life is funny: and it is! But the “funny stuff” in life is only truly funny when you have people to share it with and I would like more than anything to be able to continue to share it with you!

I so want to take a sappy minute to thank everyone who has been with me from the beginning of this strange little journey that all started because I was sad one lonely day. I needed a place to feel safe to be myself without the judgey mean looks you get when you loose you bananas in public. Writing is my medicine. It’s takes the crazy away and turns it in to hopeful and happiness and joy. Doing this made me better. Doing this made me myself again. Doing this let me let go and move on and up. Life is a beautiful crazy scary happy sad curious invigorating adventure. I love my life for everything it is: the happy and the sad and the angry and the glad and the scary and the exciting and the good times and the bad.  I spend time everyday reading through the beautifully honest and open words that many bloggers post each day and find inspiration there. A blogger is a special kind of person! If you want to know someone: read their personal blog! When you choose to open up and tell the world who you are: allowing yourself to be vulnerable, has to be the most motivating feeling in the world. It’s like a drug! Once you start you don’t want to stop: you want to keep going to find that high you got the very first time you did it. I don’t want to stop and I won’t. Thank you for being there and being my medicine. I hope to see you soon and I look forward to reading what you have to say!

Much love always,

Robyn xoxox

The New Logo

The New Logo